13 Most Exciting Spiderman Games on Android

13 Most Exciting Spiderman Games on Android – You need to know about superheroes who always ready to help people from the attacks of distress who is ready to help the human beings of the earth from the attacks of distress. Now, talking about all of Marvels’s characters of superheroes, gameslistly will give you some review about the game that contain marvel’s superheroes as their main character. One of them is Spiderman games.

Spiderman is Marvel’s superhero who being popular with his spider webs as his trademark, makes some Android game makers feel inspired. Curious? Consider the Following reviews by gameslistly

13 Best Spiderman Games

1. MARVEL Contest of Champions

 Marvel Contest of Champions- screenshot

MARVEL Contest of Champions Armed as one of the action concept games, What makes this game exciting is the players will simulated a duel or a fight against the enemies. game presents a game where players will duel also fight against enemies. This game provides a variety of Marvel characters that can be directly selected become the player of the game MARVEL Contest of Champions.

One of the famous marvel’s superhero, spiderman, was presented in the game that has been downloaded by more than 50 million times in this play Store. This Spiderman games brings his players in a fierce of battle where the spider man will fight against other Marvel’s characters. The games also allows you to choose your alliances and improving your skills. Want to play?

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2. MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited

 MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited- screenshot

MARVEL Spiderman Unlimited is one of spiderman games you must try. Gameloft, developer and creator of the Spiderman game also presents Spiderman-themed game that is also fun to play in Android Smartphone. This games bring the action game concept, a challenge to duel between Spiderman and his enemy. Of course here the players will be positioned as Marvel superhero, Spiderman.

This game provides Sinister Six, where it is a level of difficulty that can be tested by the players; THE GREEN GOBLIN (ISSUE 1), THE VULTURE (ISSUE 2), ELECTRO (ISSUE 3), SANDMAN (ISSUE 4), DOC OCK (ISSUE 5), AND MYSTERIO (ISSUE 6). So what happens after completing all 6 challenges? Curious about the the end of the game? Find the answer directly in the spiderman games.

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3. MARVEL Future Fight

 MARVEL Future Fight- screenshot

MARVEL Future Fight. Surely, some of you are familiar with the story raised by Marvel. Yup, it’s a game that provides the superhero of the whole Marvel story, including Spiderman. This game is offered to Android game lovers who loves the freedom to choose one of Marvel’s superheroes, especially Spiderman.

You can be spiderman who is ready to protect the earth from enemy threats. Telling that the S.H.I.E.L.D agent calls you for help because of an attack from the enemy. This is the time for Spiderman to act, with all the power that Spiderman have you can conquer the enemy.

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4. Marvel Puzzle Quest

 Marvel Puzzle Quest- screenshot

The next Spiderman games is Marvel Puzzle Quest. This time puodes game concept. Maybe this game can be practically almost similar to jewel game, but there is something unique behind this Spiderman themed puzzle game. Marvel Puzzle Quest presents all the superhero characters in the Marvel’s story including Spiderman.

In this game you will be invited to fight against the enemies by using the concept of jewel. Every time you complete the mission, the player will get a new character, including Spiderman. Spiderman himself has a good skill to bring down enemies. For the exclamation, just try to play the game.

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5. The Amazing Spider-Man

 The Amazing Spider-Man- screenshot

The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man is a Spiderman-themed game where the players will be placed into the hero, Spiderman. In this game, players can enjoy the various advantages of features that have been installed into the game made by Gameloft..

This game use action game concept that will bring it’s players to play with exciting fighting sensation. You are asked to fight against enemies with different challenges and obstacles. There are about 25 missions that need for completion. Want to complete all of his mission?

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6. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2- screenshot

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 doesn’t have much different from it’s predecessor The Amazing Spider-Man. this time, Gameloft presents Spiderman second version game. This game not only presents the fierce of battle between Spiderman with his enemy, but also supported by 3D animation with a HD quality.

This game presents an adventure where the story lends itself to the original story of Marvel’s Spiderman movie. Not only that, even The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a moment and combo that makes this game more interesting.

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7. Strange Hero: Future Battle

 Strange Hero: Future Battle- screenshot

Strange Hero Future Battle Game Spiderman – developed by a game developer named Fun Action Apps,  this game presents a story where the main character becomes a hero to save the city from the attacks of the aliens. No kidding, these aliens are so powerful that you have to be ready for all the challenges and hurdles against them all.

In this game, you can upgrade for Spiderman characters that you used to play. Well, are you ready to be a city rescue helper?

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8. Journey of spiderman

 Journey of spiderman- screenshot

Journey of spiderman You Play this game by collecting coins using Spiderman characters as the main character. One of the flagship and uniqueness offered by the Journey of spiderman game. Game by TEX STUDIO is quite exciting and fun to play. Maybe you are familiar with the game where you have to get the coins. In addition to the coins, you will meet with the enemy.

In this spiderman games the enemy will have their form as a monster. Various kinds of monsters are available in this game. It’s very easy to play, you just need to jumping, running, swinging, and much more. In addition, the journey of spiderman also presents a button that is not complicated. This game has managed to be downloaded about 20,000 times by the user. The downloader, generally comes from the children and the adults. This game just perfect for them.

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9. Spider Hero: Final Battle

 Spider Hero: Final Battle- screenshot

Spider Hero Final Battle is back with action game animated with Spiderman characters. It will be ready to be a fun game for Android smartphone. It is presents an interesting story line where the hero must find the mystery behind the crime. His crime is not haphazard. All crimes have nothing to do with Spiderman’s parents.

It was told that Spiderman’s parents were professors who were doing research inside a secret laboratory. What do you think Spiderman’s parents are studying? Curious? Just try!

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10. Marvel Pinball

 Marvel Pinball- screenshot

Marvel Pinball Do you know about Pinball game? If you love Pinball games, try this one; Marvel Pinball. Unique and interesting, Marvel Pinball presents a classic Pinball game concept. Different from the others, this game actually presents Pinball with themed characters from characters in Marvel, including Spiderman. You will be able to see the superhero Spiderman perched in the Marvel Pinball game.

Zen Studios presents an exciting game with a simple and uncomplicated gameplay. Even children can play this game. Do you want to play?

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11. MARVEL Avengers Academy

 MARVEL Avengers Academy- screenshot

In this MARVEL Avengers Academy game you will be asked to develop a school for the superheroes of the Avengers team such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Shield agents. Do not miss some antagonists like Loki and members of the Hydra organization.

In addition to building a school, you also have to educate the superhero to pass the school and deserve to be a hero. Well, you also have to develop various facilities where the character will interact with other characters such as dormitories, classrooms, laboratories, gyms, and more.

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12. Rope Hero: Vice Town

 Rope Hero: Vice Town- screenshot

Rope Hero: Vice Town invites you to explore the city of evil, full of gangs and aggressive shards. This game has more than 10 different search lines, searching fractions, and rewards. Your gameplay will be different depending on your choice and style of game. You can also enlarge the money with the progress of the search line, allowing you to open further weaponry in the store.

When you’re fighting, try to avoid hassles with your superhero mobility or overthrow both heaven and hell on your enemy’s head. Vary your close range and range of combat with new capabilities and weaponry. You will have some moves, the dynamics of a forward rope, a super kick, and 7 new explosive and energy weapons! You have several vehicles, namely Military Tank, heavy-duty helicopter, supercar, limousine, sports coupe, cross bike, and more. More than 20 different vehicles with their own speed and features.

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13. Spider Adventure

 Spider Adventure- screenshot

The last spiderman games in this article is Spider Adventure. It’s invites you to fight the mutants that are created from secret labs. In this game, you are invited to participate in a secret investigation. You can also join the investigation and find out what the big companies are hiding. There may be some strange and even dangerous things. So, defeat the power of the corporation and do all of your superhero tasks.

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