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20 Best War Game For Android 2019 Offline-Online

Hi, new year is new hope. Now is the time for me to write again actively. This time I have a list of war games for Android.

The war game is one of the most favored genres by Android gamers. Besides being fun, training dexterity is also the reason why war games for android are loved.

war game for android
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Best War Games for Android

1. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Best war game for android isModern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Why I take this game in the first? ‘couse this gamehave the story about group of elite forces who are trying to save the worldleader from the ranks of terrorists to prevent a great nuclear war fromhappening. Stunning graphics and interesting gameplay, this game made byGameloft as one of the best war games for Android you can download and play.

2. FPS Trigger Fist

FPS Trigger Fist is wargame for android offline. The graphics and audio quality are topnotch and thenumber of missions that you can complete makes it interesting to play.

3. Star Warfare 2: Payback

For you sci-fi lovers, you canplay Star Warfare 2: Payback. You will be provided with several characters,various choices of interesting weapons, and amazing skills to help you conquerthe enemies of aliens.

4. Major GUN: War on Terror

For desktop gaming loverslike Paladin or Dota 2 you will definitely love this game! This game is a FPStype game, where you will team up with 3 of your friends to defeat the enemyteam. What about the graphics? Guaranteed no less good and unique than otherAndroid war games!

5. Enemy Strike

Enemy Strike might be moreof a survival game. You have to stay in place and defend yourself from theenemies that come. In this Android war game made by Killer Bean Studio, youhave just moved when you have killed the enemy in that place.

6. Gunship Strike 3D

In this game developed byCandy Mobile, you act as a combat helicopter. The helicopter that you use isequipped with complete weapons such as missiles, missiles and other machineguns. Success, this game has been downloaded by 50 million users on the PlayStore.

7. Drone Shadows Strike

This game with greatgraphics can be the best choice when playing war games for Android. Yourmission is to defeat the enemies that come by using drones. Reliance BigEntertainment developed this game so that it can be played offline.

8. Brother in Arms 3

Set against World War 2,this war game for Android provides a vast battlefield to explore. You will playSergeant Wright and experience a dramatic and challenging war journey.

9. Gun Shot Fire War

Who missed the CounterStrike (CS) game? Now there are games with gameplay similar to LuGame’s CS.Visual effects such as bomb blasts, shots, until the details of the death ofthe enemy are not much different from those in CS.

10. Squad Strike 3

Other options for gamessimilar to CS, Strike Squad 3. This game was developed by Value, claimed tohave a more realistic graph than the previous game. For offline, there is anoption to fight bots which are quite easily conquered.

11. Cover Fire

The next list of androidwar games was developed by Genera Games, carrying the war theme and your goalis to lead the team and become the best shooter against an evil corporationTetracorp. The graphics are beautiful and can be played offline, which is theadvantage of this game so it’s fun to play.

12. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

Gameloft is always seriousabout developing exciting Android war games, as evidenced by the Six-Guns game:Gang Showdows. This war game can be played offline or online multiplayer withyour friends.

13. Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops

The next is Tiny Troopers2: Special Ops as war game for android 2019. Although the graphics look funny,Tiny Troopers provides a thrilling war experience! This game was developed byChillingo, a subsidiary of the leading Game, EA. So, no doubt the excitement ofplaying this android war game.

14. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Want to try the thrill ofbeing a pirate in the ocean? Assassin’s Creed Pirates is a war game for Androidmade by Ubisoft Entertainment, inviting you to explore and master the Caribbeansea. This game is similar to the PC Assassin Creed Black Flag game because inthe gameplay, you can build ships and gather the best people to make your crew onyour ship.

15. Respawnables

Unique? That’s the wordthat can describe this war game for Android. How not, you can choose moviecharacters in various films to become your character. Digital LegendsEntertainment as the creator designed this game with a total of 185 missionsthat the players must undergo, unique graphics, and can be played both onlineand offline.

16. Boom! Tanks

Boom! Tanks is a 2019android war game that is full of explosions and excitement. Cruise with tankson the battlefield and kill all your enemies! You can collect and upgrade manyvariations of the tank for you to use. In fact, you can personalize theappearance of your tank.

17. Elite Killer: SWAT

As per the title, EliteKiller: SWAT, you will act as an elite SWAT force and fight with terrorists.CanadaDroid is very serious about designing this Android war game to provide areal war. If you play, you will be joined by ten million other people who havefirst downloaded this war game for Android.

18. Total War Battles: Shogun 2

Total War Battles will takeyou into 10 hours of action, where you have to fight for domination from the enemyas a medieval Japanese Shogun. You have to lead your clan to fight and getsupremacy. Exciting and extraordinary, that’s the impression given from thisgame made by SEGA.

19. Call of Duty: Heroes

In this game, you cancommand an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and powerful dronesdirectly from the Call of Duty franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Youhave to organize your headquarters and train elite forces to dominate yourenemies in fierce battles.

20. Plants vs Zombies: Heroes

Lastly, don’t forget thattechnically, Plants vs Zombies is a war game. You will fight zombies usingplants with unique attack abilities. This Android war game is quite fun to playon your Android smartphone!

So, where is your choice ofwar game for Android 2019? Whatever …

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