5 Best Train Racing Games Android, Most Exciting!

Trains are a vehicle full of strict rules. If there are few rules that are not obeyed or not running, it usually ends in an accident. But what if there is a train race? It seems that the real world will never happen. That exists only the train racing games android.

This time, I will sort out which railway game that presents the racing game in it. It’s a bit difficult to sort out which games are the best. Because The train racing games are available only slightly.

Best Train Racing Games Android

Most game train on android is a train simulator game, that means can not be used for the race. Because the simulator game is very stressed on the rules of riding the actual train. Although there are only a few, this is the best:

1. Racing in Train – Games

train racing games Racing in Train - Games

Racing in Train – Games is a game of developers Timuz games that have created many games around the train. It takes the racing game genre where in the game, the player will do the train race. Who can reach the finish line first, is the winner.

With 3D HD graphics support, players will cross more than 10 railroad tracks adopted from real world rails. Throughout the train race, there will be challenges that confront players on the track racing. With amazing voice support, the game will make you really enjoy the race track.

This train racing games, you can play for free on android device. Only, the only annoying thing that you will encounter is the presence of ads in it. If you want to get rid of it, you can make a purchase and get additional features. The rating of train racing games is 3+, that means it is suitable for all ages. Including children.

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2. Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

Thomas & Friends Go Go Thomas

Like the adventures of the animated series Thomas and friends train? Maybe you can try train racing games, It is by Budge Studios developers are very famous as a toy company. The category game is racing action and adventure.

The adventure you will do as the figure of Thomas in the animated series. While racing action you will feel by doing the race on the railroad tracks. You will race with just two people with your friends. Please select two characters as Thomas animation and do the race.

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With the support of 3D images, you will race as Thomas, Percy, James, Emily or also Toby. Everything in the game is very interesting, the game is free, too. There’s only advertising in it and there’s also an in-app purchase if you want additional features. The train racing games rating is 3+.

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3. Train vs Car: Super Racing

Train vs Car Super Racing

From its name, Train vs Car: Super Racing is clearly seen as train racing games. Yups, a game made by Tulip Apps Racing developers races between train vs. racing cars. With two different tracks, the player will continue to face the race car to show who is the fastest to arrive at.

Racing will not always be smooth, where every player will encounter an obstacle on the track. There are blocks, obstacles, traffic accidents and others that can hamper your rate. The challenge is getting cool thanks to the presence of environmentally created 3D graphics game that is so beautiful and smooth.

Players will do the race on the path in the city, mountains and others. Really cool. The only downside of the game is the presence of advertising. But you can make in-app purchases to remove ads and get additional features. Unfortunately also, the content rating of this game is 12+, so for kids it is not very suitable.

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4. Train vs Car Racing – Professional Racing Game

Train vs Car Racing - Professional Racing Game

Just like the previous game, Train vs Car Racing – Professional Racing Game is also a train racing games against race cars. Vector3 Solutions Racing is a game developer and publisher.

Players will ride a train to challenge the race with cars along different tracks. There will be tracks in offroad, city, village, mountains and others. With the support of 3D graphics are so smooth and beautiful, game details are so felt. Even to pamper players, games use 3D camera support.

Interestingly, the train racing games are completely free. No in-app purchases. The only downside of the game is the ads in it. The good news, this game has a content rating of 3+.

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5. Trail Bike Vs Train Race

Trail Bike Vs Train Race

Unlike the previous game, this time the train will do the race against the bike racing. Game Trail Bike Vs Train Race is a game made by developers Versatile Games Studio will make you ride a bike or train to fight over who can reach the finish line first.

With the racing genre, the train racing games that have a content rating of 3+, so it can be played all ages. It’s just inside there are ads, but the game is completely free.

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You will never train racing in the real world, so if you really want to feel the sensation of train races, you can only play train racing games android. But don’t forget the time, yes.

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