7 Writing Games For Your Kids

Today’s children are still small, they know what is called a gadget like a smartphone or tablet. On various occasions we easily find good old-age children playing gadgets, which in general are just playing games or running applications.

Besides being useful for playing, the gadget can also be a learning medium. As parents, we must be smarter and wiser. Lend them gadgets but with applications or games that contain useful content, educate and stimulate their thinking power. Is there an application like that? There are, here are some choices:

#1. Marbel Writing Game with Color

fun writing game with color

Learning to write begins with recognizing colors that are important to start early. But because children under five years of age are difficult to take seriously, you can use the application made by this nation’s children. Inside it is very complete, there are light games and also accompanied by voices to attract children’s interest.

#2. Learning to Read ABC (Marbel Membaca)

learning to read writing games

This application is suitable for children who have started learning to recognize letters and spelling, so they can write easily. This application will provide a kind of simple, fun game. How to learn to use this kind of application is very effective to grow children’s interest in learning.

#3. Marbel Learning to Write (Marbel Menulis)

learning to writing games

Writing and reading are usually two abilities that are always honed by the teacher at the school level of children. You can provide additional learning through different ways through this application. Children will be invited to play writing starting from numbers or letters, children may choose according to their wishes.

#4. Learning English For Kids

learning english writing games

As the name implies, this application teaches English education for children. There are four topics of learning offered, starting from learning to recognize objects in English to writing letters and numbers.

#5. Aku Balita Cerdas


Unlike other children’s education applications, the application made by ABC Education Studio has many choices. In accordance with the name carried. Children can recognize letters, write, read, recognize hijaiyah letters and include iqra learning.

#6. Learning to Pray (Marbel Belajar Sholat)


Prayer is one of the abilities that must be possessed by children, especially those who are Muslim. In many formal schools, prayer education is also taught. Through this simple application you can introduce prayer movements earlier to the child.

#7. Learning Math (Marbel Belajar Berhitung)


Besides letters, numbers, colors, and other abilities. There is one more ability that children must have, namely counting. This application offers a more enjoyable way of learning, where children will be invited to play for example by playing games to find certain objects and counting the numbers.

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