Top 10 Barbie Games for Android

Top 10 Barbie Game for Android – Perhaps, no toys are so popular over Barbie dolls. Well, Barbie is a doll produced by Mattel Inc., a toy company from the United States. Ruth Handler – owner of Mattel Inc – first released a 1959 barbie doll and became a phenomenal doll until now.

I’m also a big fan of barbie, though not collecting barbie dolls but I love watching barbie movies. Especially now also available Barbie games for Android.

If you’re looking for the best Barbie games for Android, I have a list.

Best Barbie Games For Android

1. Barbie Magical Fashion

Barbie Game

First choice, Barbie Magical Fashion which is a Barbie game made by top developer, Budge Studios. This game will invite children to explore the world of barbie to make the princess look beautiful and fashionable.

The duty of the player is to dress the Barbie princesses, decorate her dress, wing, and others. Even players can dress unicorns, too.

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2. Princess Salon: Cinderella

barbie game prices salon

Want to feel life as Cinderella and feel the various magic in it? I suggest to play a barbie game, Princess Salon: Cinderella. You will be invited to be a character Cinderella whose life suffered because of treatment of the step mother and her twin daughters.

The first task of the player in this barbie adventure game is to dress Cinderella as beautifully as possible to be present at the party held by the kingdom. Perform skin care, choose a beautiful dress, and various other beautiful accessories. This game also provides 3 different princes characters and 3 interesting photo frames.

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3. Mermaid Puzzles for Free game

This Mermaid Puzzles for Free game is a Barbie puzzle game. Players have the task of matching each piece of the puzzle to the right picture. This game is simple and can be played by all ages.

There are 3 difficulty levels in the game. Interestingly, this game can be played without having an internet connection or barbie games offline. So you can still play this game even if you do not have internet quota.

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4. Fashion Doll – Girls Makeover

Barbie games for android is one that I love. Make over the barbie. In the game, you will gain the experience of being the owner of a fashion spa. Your job in this game is to help barbie to look the most beautiful when going to party.

You will do facial treatment, make up, choose a beautiful dress, choose shoes, and decorate barbie hair. Barbie who was just an ordinary girl, turned into a beautiful barbie princess.

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5. Barbie Life ™

No less exciting with the previous barbie games, where in this Barbie Life players will be invited to see and feel various things about the life of barbie. Game made by Mattel provides a variety of mini games are quite interesting, one of which is Barbie Be Superstar.

Interestingly, we can also see a video about the life of a barbie consisting of several episodes. For you barbie lovers, this game is guaranteed to entertain you every time.

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6. Barbie Fashionistas

game Barbie Fashionistas

Barbie Fashionistas is a barbie game for you who loves in the world of fashion and barbie. In this barbie game, you have the task to decorate a beautiful looking Barbie doll when shooting.

The way is easy enough, you just need to choose to dress and accessories as you please. Well, can you help the barbie look fashionable and goodlooking when shooting takes place? prove it by download barbie game for android.

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You can look:

7. Princess Makeup Salon

For you who likes beauty and also barbie, then very obligatory for you to play barbie game, Princess Makeup Salon II. Yep, you will enter the world of fashion, especially beauty salons for women.

Well, your own task is to make up the visitors who come your Salon to make them look more beautiful, ranging from hair care, face, give her dress, to various combinations of makeup tool that can make it look beautiful.

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8. Fashion Doll’s Sports day

Not much different from previous barbie games, where in Fashion Doll’s Sports Day is you are still dealing with various beauty tools, ranging from cosmetic tools, clothing, and so forth.

In accordance with the theme of the game, various accessories provided by the developer sports concept. Yep, the girls you dress up do have a sporting profession, like cheerleaders, dancers, and so on.

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9. Gopi Doll Fashion Salon

Likes to watch Indian TV series at home? Here, there is a very interesting game for you to play, called Gopi Doll Fashion Salon. In this barbie game you are given the freedom to decorate the doll Gopi so that he looks fashionable and beautiful.

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10. Teen Vogue Me Girl

Lastly, there is a game like barbie that called Teen Vogue Me Girl. This game allows you to have a game dressing barbie who wants to appear as a true fashionista as well as a stylist. The role of players in this game is to design models and celebrities to look beautiful in magazines, photoshoots and other important events.

Great features such as free players dress up, fashion shopping and trendy clothes, makeup items, shoes, accessories and so forth.

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So, are you interested in one of the above barbie games? Well, just choose what you think is most perfect for you to play today. Happy Gaming!

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