12 Best Android Games In Play Store At 2018 For New Gamer

There are so many of the best android game on Play Store. Each game has advantages and disadvantages. There is more in terms of graphics, gameplay, control and others. Some are paid and free, too. There are to be played online and some are offline. So choosing where the best android games is not an easy job. Especially for you, new gamer.

Well, to facilitate you in finding the best android game. I have sort out a ton of games.

Best Android Games For New Gamer

It’s not hard for me to make this article. Considering I am also a person who likes to play games. Although it is a game that I like is not a game with a complicated game. I just want to be entertained with the games I play. That’s because I’m lazy to think when playing games.

Best android game Clash of Clans


1. The best Android Game Online: Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is very popular among gamers. It is one of the most popular phenomenal games of 2015 for OS-android-based game nominations. Apparently, this game until now still very famous.

Games that have the genre Real Time Strategy (RTS) is available for crossplatform, Android and iOS. It becomes a game that is not only men but also loved by women. Many women are good at playing this game.

The best android game developer came from Finland, first released on August 2, 2012. It was only available for iOS-based platforms only, but a year later on October 7, 2013, the game is available on the Google Play Store.

Clash of Clans or more popularly known as COC is a game with a unique RTS genre. At the beginning of the game, the game will instantly give you troops that look very unique. Moreover, although classified as a strategy game, game play flow will be easy to understand since the first time playing the game.

This is also one of the reasons why this game a lot of interest. So many games attract the attention of the users since the beginning of its emergence.

Well if you have never tried to play this game, the way is very simple. At the beginning of the game, you will be directly guided on how to play Clash of Clans game.

Anyway, when just starting the game, your position as chief (leader). You have been given a village for you to guard and wake up into a very strong and big village. The task of developing the village becomes strong and big can you do with war and also by adding resources such as gold, dark elixir, elixir, and gems.

The resources you can get by buying. Gold is in gold storage, elixir in elixir storage, and dark elixir in dark elixir storage. But for gems you can not get it by buying, you have to complete the mission first. To produce gold, elixir, and dark elixir much more and faster, you must build gold collector, elixir collector, and also dark elixir collector in the shop.

Download Game Clash of Clans

Best offline android game Dawnbringer

2. Best Offline Android Game: Dawnbringer

For the best offline android game, my best choice is Dawnbringer. This best android game released and developed by Kiloo Games with other games like Tesla Tubes and Spellbringer. Dawnbringer is an Open World RPG game that you can play offline.

This best offline game is none other than the category as the best action game is available for android OS platform and also iOS since June 16, 2016.

The Danish company is not alone in working on this game, it is assisted by studio Copenhagen Creators who also operate in Denmark. Both do collaborate to make a cool RPG Game full of cool enemies of its design.

Because it is an open world game, the design of the world created also seems to reflect a great and exciting virtual world to explore. Problem RPG elements appear in this game mainly because this game seems to have an interesting storyline written directly by Kiloo Games.

According to Kiloo Games, the story setting starts from a country called Mourngard that has been abandoned humans. The country was the arrival of two angel brothers named Kastor and Xariel who disputed each other. Both fight to bounce at Mourngard. They actually come from outer space. But unfortunately, they can not come back because their wings are burned out.

The battle continues at Mourngard. In effect, Mourngard was devastated by the battle. You as a player, will act as a designated castor as the key to the safety of the world Mourngard.

Can you save the world? During your journey through Mourngard, you will know the stories behind the country while defeating the demons who are trying to destroy Mourngard.

Download Game Dawnbringer

best game android Crashlands

3. Best Android Adventure Game: Crashlands

A unique adventure will begin with Crashland, a game that will take you to explore the world. As Flux Dabes is always accompanied by a robot, you will be stranded on a foreign planet.

Challenges and attacks after another, there is no mini map, you just rely on directions. So do not misunderstand the guides of this best android game.

Because fully your adventure strategy will be determined by how you translate the directions provided. Like playing a secret game behind a walkthrough only when we follow the Boy Scout agenda.

Download Game Crashlands

best android game Stone of Life Ex

4. Best Android RPG Game: Stone of Life Ex

If you are looking for the best android RPG (Role Playing Game) game, then the best option in my opinion is Stone of Life Ex. It became one of the best android RPG games that are favored by millions of android users.

This is evident from the number of game downloaders that reach millions of users. Moreover, by rating, this game received a rating of 4.3. This best android game developed by renowned game developers from South Korea, Oddy Arts. Many other games he has produced. Moreover, this game measures only 42 MB. A very minimalist size for an RPG game.

Stone of Life Ex is a game that tells about action battle, it can even be said as a full action battle game. Because in this game, all you have to do is fight, fight and fight. More fighting activities than the in-game storyline. Or even can be said the story of the game is a matter of battle.

In comparison with similar games, there are interesting rules that are expected in this game. That is your freedom to enter the battle and also out of battle. As a result, the enemy also has the same rules.

The enemy is free to attack you anytime. So in this best android RPG game this one, you really should be vigilant. Otherwise, you will be destroyed by your enemies.

Download Game Stone of Life Ex

best action game Brothers in Arms 3

5. Best War Game Android: Brothers in Arms 3

Next is the best android games category war games, my choice fell to a game called Brothers in Arms 3 which makes this game more interesting than a similar game was a viewpoint that was not the first battle. Brothers in Arms 3 instead prefer to use the battle with the corner of third person.

In this game, excitement can be felt since you first play the game. Where you will be greeted with the setting of a place like a world war 2. Just imagine, there will be many soldiers involved in the battle. And the battle in that world never goes out.

In taking care of every tense battle, you’ll be with Sergeant Wright and the other members. With them, you must complete every mission to win the war.

Brothers in Arms 3 is the best war game you can play offline. It is also one of the advantages of this game. This game is the result of the claim of the most famous developers, Gameloft. So, this best android game becomes the best war game for android.

Oh yes, in this world war 2 war, you will play the united forces that will fight against many soldiers from any part of the world. Please set your strategy and win every battlefield.

When you first play the game Brothers in Arms 3. You will be given two game modes, Campaign and RAID. As your time and battle overlap, other modes will open. This game is supported with 3D graphics that will make it more visible. So no one if this game you deserve to play.

Download Brothers in Arms 3

best hd android games SHADOWGUN DeadZone

6. Best Multiplayer Android Game: SHADOWGUN DeadZone

The best android game is also a game that has excellent graphics quality. Games sci-fi is certainly very able to play your game with your friends. Here you can play with 12 of your friends at once online. Interesting right?

Well, in this multiplayer android war game, you will do battle in a very interesting area. You will be equipped with a variety of pistols with different capabilities. Best features game is:

  • In this multiplayer android war game, you can play together with 12 players online.
  • You can select two popular game modes, either Deadmatch or Zone Control. Both have different folders.
  • The types of weapons offered are very interesting, there are Plasma Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Machine guns, Rocket Launcher and others that you can still upgrade.

Download Game SHADOWGUN DeadZone

best shooter game Modern Combat 5

7. Best Android FPS Game: Modern Combat 5

In number 3 of this article, I have a little mention of FPS games, now for the best android game category FPS game, you can try Modern Combat 5. And as the number 5 behind the name of the game, it means is a continuation of the previous game Modern Combat.

And sure enough, there has been Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (iOS and Android) and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. As a game of updates from previous editions, there are some additions and also features that are omitted.

For the omitted feature, Modern Combat 5 does not contain with an in-app purchase feature. That means the echoes will be cheaper for you to play. The creator of this game, Gameloft seems very concerned about the users, he does not want to aggravate the mobile gamers with IAP.

However that does not mean Modern Combat 5 is offered for free. Unfortunately, the positive steps do not get the same response. Rather they must accept the fact that their game has been kick out before they release it. And now circulating outside on iOS or Android.

Download Game Modern Combat 5

8. Best Android Racing Game: Asphalt 8: Airbone

For those of you who like playing car racing games, maybe already familiar with the name of this one game. Asphalt 8: Airbone is indeed one of the racing car games that have been downloaded by many racing game lovers, or even you have also downloaded it.

The best android game this one is presenting a satisfactory graphics. So, no wonder if many lovers of car racing games that play it. Even supposedly reported, the downloader of this game has reached 50 million! Wow, that’s a lot, is not it? Asphalt 8: Airbone presents good quality sound and image display.

You can also choose various tracks that will make your race more exciting. Unfortunately, this one game can only be played on a specific smartphone specifications because the graphics are quite high in this game.

Download Game Asphalt 8: Airbone

best game Dead Effect 2

9. Best Android HD and Action Game: Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is one of the space horror themed games available on Android. It became the best android HD game thanks to the presence of narrative elements and FPS gameplay complete with customization features like RPG games.

This best Android game, capable of presenting a full adventure with horrific horror as well as excitement when you are fight your enemies in the form of zombie creatures, mutants, and other deadly space creatures.

You are a hobby with zombie game with first person perspective, the presence of sequel Dead Effect 2 still retain the style typical of previous versions.

At the beginning of the story, the game Dead Effect 2 is the story of the end of the trip Dead Effect version 1. Where you will start the story as an experimental material of a doctor at the laboratory facilities owned by Doctor Wagner.

You’ll fall asleep because of the experimental process. Once you wake up, you will find the lab in a state of complete destruction. While your body has undergone genetic modification. In the midst of the devastation that takes place in the laboratory, you will see a bunch of soldiers trying to clear up all that remains. But unfortunately, they are also in the rush by the Zombies.

The soldiers were actually in charge of clearing up all the lab experiments. Simultaneously also slaughter the zombies. You should be able to survive all the attacks of the massacre as well as survive the attacks of the zombies. Everything has gone awry, and anyone can be your enemy in this game.

In the next story, you’ll have two friends. You will wade through the darkness of the ESS Meridian spaceship with two of your friends who have different abilities. You’ll love every mission for more than 30 hours.

Download Game Dead Effect 2

best grapick games Kill Shoot

10. Best Android Shooter Game: Kill Shoot

Game Kill Shoot is a game made by Hothead which is one of the best android Shooter game. Luckily, this best android game is available for free on the Play Store.

In this game, you will find the target enemy at each stage. Your next task is to knock it off. Your position while playing the game is the person who is given the task to get rid of the dangers that confront.

By getting rid of the enemy, you’ll get away with every challenge and get your way out. There are 100 game stages in this game with different enemy characters on each stage.

As a special force, you will be armed with a sophisticated rifle that you can use to complete your mission. Every enemy hit by your shot will blow the blood.

Download Game Kill Shoot

best game Edge of Tomorrow Game

11. Best Android Adventure Game: Edge of Tomorrow Game

Well if for the best adventure game android, Edge of Tomorrow Game you can choose. This game is an adventure with the first person action game.

In this game, you’ll be one of two protagonists in Bill Cage or Rita Vrataski. The adventures against aliens which try to destroy allmankind and the earth will challenge you.

How to play this game is very simple. You just have to shoot aliens. The best android game will have four levels, with game design is spectacular. Even this game can also as the best HD game for android.

The developer create all environments and aliens with 3D effects. So you will feel the adventure that really life. To be able to play this game, your phone must already use android version 4.0 or later.

Download game Edge of Tomorrow Game

best adventure game Plants vs. Zombies 2

12. Best Android Strategy Game: Plants vs Zombies 2

The best choice of android games you can play is the best android strategy game. The games you can choose are Plants vs. Zombies 2. Just like the desktop version, this game has the same storyline and how to play.

So I do not need to review more about what this game and how to play it how. Because this best android game is very popular. And just like the type of desktop, Plants vs. Zombies 2 also android version also tells about plants and zombies.

Download Game Plants vs Zombies 2


So which is the best android game that you will play on your smartphone? All options are in your hands. Just keep in mind, the game is just a virtual world. So do not let your real world dormant for it, and congratulations to play.

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