20 Best Android RPG Online And Offline All of The Time, Must You Play

Best Android RPG Online And Offline All of The Time, Must You Play!, RPG is a genre that can be encountered in various gaming platforms. Android also has a lot of RPG, but not all have the quality that makes it worth mentioning as the best. For this reason, this list we created to help you find the best Android RPG.

Best Android RPG 2017

1. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

If all this time, Android RPG is always about the fantasy world, the orcs invasion, and the action of dragon slaughter, then you will find something different in this Android RPG.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall comes carrying cyberpunk nuanced fantasy world, where everything looks futuristic, slum, but full of various advanced technology.

The best part of this best android RPG includes six futuristic character classes that you will not meet in other games, ranging from Street Samurai, Mage, Shaman, and so forth.

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2. Dungeon Bit

At a glance, Bit Dungeon’s gameplay looks similar to The Binding of Isaac game. Here you will be taken into a series of dungeon rooms, to defeat every monster inside.

The greatness of the best Android RPG lies in the aspect of roguelike that makes you have to think twice as much to act. Because, once you die, all your progress and power-up items will be lost. Now also available Bit Dungeon II.

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3. Dungeon Crawler

From the title, the name Dungeon Crawler has described the main activity of turn based games presented by the developer Ayopa.

Here you will explore the dungeon alternately with the enemies. So every break of your adventure will take you to a very unique dungeoneering experience with RPG dungeon games.

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4. Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Android RPG Knights-of-Pen-Paper-2

Of the many mobile RPG titles that are here, Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is an optional game reference that you should not miss. What makes this game look so interesting is taking the unusual Dungeon & Dragon RPG-style tabletop theme for this type of mobile RPG.

In addition, here you are also free to determine your own sequence of quests that you will run and set how many enemies to be resisted. The choice is all in the hands of players, and also the guidance of a dungeon master of course.

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5. Inflation RPG


The main criteria in the best android RPG 2017 is unique. You could say Inflation RPG is a game with the most unusual grinding mechanism for RPG size.

In addition to using a leveling mechanism with experience numbers of up to millions, Inflation RPG also introduces a new way of enjoying grinding without taking hours.

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6. Chaos Rings III

It is quite difficult to suggest Chaos Rings III as the best Android RPG with a very expensive price. But if RPG talks with stunning 3D views, then Chaos Rings III is the best candidate that offers a console-quality RPG experience in the grip of a mobile device.

Just like its predecessor, Chaos Rings III has a good voice actor, cool cutscene, orchestral RPG Japanese music, interesting stories with lots of dialogue, and an exciting turn-based battle system. So, what else is lacking?

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7. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics

Since it first appeared, Final Fantasy has become a decent of quality Android RPG icon to be developed through a variety of interesting spin-offs, one of them like Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

Though much stronger elemental strategy than other Final Fantasy series, but Square Enix retains the various elements that make Final Fantasy so well known to many people.

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8. Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest

Before the merger became Square Enix, Enix was originally a developer known through the Dragon Quest series. Not a few who said that Dragon Quest is a pioneer of the best Android RPG that encourages the birth of Final Fantasy games and the like.

Like other Square Enix class game portals you find on mobile, here you’ll find fantasy stories against evil, 16-bit graphics and timeless turn-based systems.

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9. Sorcery!


As a game choose your own adventure with a fantasy world emphasis that deeply feels the RPG elements in it, Sorcery’s presentation! is quite different from other RPG titles in this list.

But if you rely on your imagination and ignore the presentation, then you will find an Android RPG that is not only exciting, but also gives you a reason to love the role-playing action in the game completely gamebook.

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10. Reaper

Reaper offerings from Hexage developers are action games with unparalleled RPG elements. Here you find an exciting adventure accompanied by pretty solid scrolling gameplay, and reminiscent of Tales series on the console.

As a free game, Reaper is originally a demo that allows you to enjoy the gameplay in it until the protagonist reaches level ten. If you are satisfied with the flow of the game is fun, it could not hurt to buy a full version of this game through an offer of in-app purchase.

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11. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is the best Android RPG and will always be said so even though it was released a dozen years ago.

This game gets full value from various gamers around the world because it not only presents an exciting gameplay. But also a narrow time travel story that is not too complicated but still interesting to follow. If you want to try one of the best Android RPGs that are re-released to mobile, then do not miss Chrono Trigger.

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12. Dark Slayers

The next best Offline Android RPG is Dark Slayers. This one game uses a variety of combat systems and attractive interface. Judging from the side of the graphics itself, Dark Slayers haveĀ  high-quality graphics with stunning action.

Dark Slayers game will invite you to adventure against the evil monsters and complete the mission with a very interesting and challenging story. In this game, you can fight online among other players around the world.

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13. The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia

The Chronicles of Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is an Offline RPG android with various enemies and evil monsters. The player will help 2 heroes, namely Lucio and Ameli. Amazing adventures and destiny determination by both of them.

Yep, of course the battle of monsters and the collection of different artifacts will often you do here. You need to help 2 heroes to discover their secrets and find out where the fate takes them.

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14. SoulCraft – Action RPG

SoulfCraft includes one of the best Android RPGs and adventures right now. Game with this adventure genre is a game made by famous game developer that is MobileBits GmbH.

That’s certainly because SoulCraft provides a very interesting and challenging story rule. With a very good graphical visual quality, no wonder if this game has been displaying 3D visual effects. SoulCraft 2 is now available.

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15. Crashlands

Crashlands is arguably a combination of Android RPG with the best adventure survival element that makes it different than similar games out there.

In addition to presenting a unique planet world, the advantages of this game also lies in the number of crafting options that are useful to help you survive the hard work of Woanope planet.

With its depth of gameplay, Crashlands is not only a fun game of survival adventure to play, but also a simple RPG with exciting features and very high replay value.

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16. Record of Agarest War

Record of Agarest War

The quality may be normal and its age is almost eight years old. But for the standard mobile games today, the quality of this one game is very good. Record of Agarest War is even easier to crown as one of the best Android RPG treats you can find on the Google Play Store. And my advice, you must know Best Android Games In Play Store At 2017 For New Gamer

In general, the gameplay on the Record of Agarest War is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, so you who have played it will be familiar with this one game. What makes it even more unique is the dating simulation system, where you can pursue one of the existing female characters to marry and have offspring with her.

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17. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga looks like a classic Disney animated movie that was quite popular in its time. But if you look deeper, The Banner Saga not only presents the epic Norse legend story, but also the fun gameplay accompanied by decision-making which is full of consequences.

If you are a fan of the best Android RPG strategy, obviously you should not miss The Banner Saga. Many people who compare The Banner Saga with a variety of other well-known strategy games such as XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem. It’s just wrapped in a cool animated display that seemed unique and amazing.

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18. Steven Universe: Attack the Light

In addition to The Banner Saga, Steven Universe: Attack the Light is arguably the best Android RPG with visual animation that is not less interesting. Even Attack the Light is sort of the most fun RPG offering I’ve ever played on a mobile device.

Attack the Light has a funny and equally interesting story with the Steven Universe animated series on Cartoon Network. Whether you’ve seen the Steven Universe series as well as yet, Attack the Light remains an exciting RPG entertainment that you can find on Android.

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19. Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy

I do not think I need to lengthen again to explain the sequel to Battleheart which twice complement the best Android RPG article. In this game, you are given a lot of options to create the character class you want in an RPG, from a Barbarian who doubles as a Ninja, a magician capable of running away like a Rogue, and so on.

Interestingly, you are also given the freedom to kill all the NPCs in the Battleheart Legacy and ruin the storyline.

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20. The World Ends with You

The World Ends with You

Again, the best Android RPG Square Enix works on in this article. Although The Worlds Ends with You is ported from the best RPG on the Nintendo DS, at least this mobile version not only provides better detail detail. But also the touchscreen control adaptation is no less responsive to the handheld version.

In addition to these two positive values, other advantages The World Ends with You also comes from the use of Shibuya location wrapped with electro-pop and hip-hop music that sounded preoccupied in the ear. With a combination of some of the advantages and the presentation of novel visual graphics are captivating, The World Ends with You to be one of the unique and quality RPG that you can find on Android.

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Final Word of Android RPG

That’s 20 best Android RPGs, online and offline. If you’ve ever played those games, which one do you think are the most exciting and interesting to play? For those who have never played it, let’s download the best android RPG.

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