15+ Best Android Train Games, Never Know Gamer

Android train games are very exciting. There is always something to learn. Some games develop reaction speed, logical thinking and so forth. Travel on the railroad is never boring. In addition to getting an unforgettable adventure, the players also learn a lot about the real life of the railroad workers. Let’s get to know the train better.

15+ Best Android Train Games

Here are 15+ best games that will teach you to know the train. Some railroad games will teach you how to ride a good train, get to know the world and so on. Some also referred to as simulator rail games. But whatever it is, the train is still fun. So there’s nothing wrong if you’re interested and try to play one of the best android train games below.

1. Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player

Train Racing Game 3d

Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player is a simulator railway game with multiplayer mode, which has beautiful three-dimensional graphics. This android train games allows you to sit in the outlet of one of the available locomotives, and also meet online with other players.

This rail simulator provides a very reliable rail control feature, sometimes you will be forced to control a train that exceeds the speed limit and turn it back on precisely to avoid clashes with train or other traffic players.

If you try to play multiplayer, the winner is the faster one reaches the terminal station. To reach the terminal, you’ll pass several turns, traffic lights, where to stop, wait for the green light, and other obstacles. Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player is an excellent simulator that can be proud of its realistic control system, excellent graphics and an exciting multiplayer mode. Plus this game is available for free, although there is a purchase in it.

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2. Train Simulator

Train Simulator

Game simulator became one of the railroad games that liked by many users android. The developer of this one train game claims that every Train Simulator player will feel the sensation as a professional machinist.

Various support features were not forgotten to be installed to further simplify and attract players to feel at home to play Train Simulator. One such feature is the level that players have to pass. Each level has its own challenges.

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3. Train Sim

Train Slim

Not to be outdone by Train Simulator, 3583 Bytes developer also makes a rail game that is not less interesting with the name of Train Sim game. In this game, you can enjoy 3D graphics form with more than 40 trains available in Train Sim.

Not only that, if you are bored with the view or view that is passed by the train, you can create your own view. Because Train Sim provides Build Custom Environments feature. In fact, this game is also suitable for all ages, so your child can play the Train Sim game. Interested with this android train game?

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4. Rail Rush


Rail Rush is a fast train that keeps going with unlimited speed, like a game for ‘endless race’. Go as far as you can, collect all the precious coins and stones along the way. This time you do not have to run everywhere – you’ll ride the cart in the underground mine.

This android train games can be controled by touching and tilting the screen to the side. You can jump from one car to the other, and get out of the carriage to collect coins and precious stones scattered all over the road. The game covers six different worlds. You can buy a new character with the money you have collected. In total, this game has more than twelve additional characters.

Rel Rush is a handsome ‘endless runner’ with excellent control systems, original scenarios, and beautiful graphics. It can be said that Rail Rush is one of the best android train games.

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5. Indian Train Simulator

Indian Train Simulator

Following the previous train game, this time the Indian Train Simulator comes to the surface as one of the rail simulator games you can choose from. Not only various kinds of locomotives are provided, but also available a variety of train stations are present in the Indian Train Simulator.

Uniquely, Indian Train Simulator presents a feature where you can create your own passengers by using Indian style. Even the station can be decorated in Indian style where you can add shops around the station.

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6. Euro Train Simulator

Eropa Train Simulator

If previously the railway game provides an Indian-style rail simulator, this time the Euro Train Simulator presents with European style. This train game has full features that are also interesting to play. This game you not only get the sensation as a machinist, Euro Train Simulator also provides weather feature.

This weather feature will be your challenge while riding the train. There are 4 weather provided ie Clear, Overcast, Fog, Rain and Thunderstorm. In addition, this game provides animated passengers who are waiting for trains or are walking around the station.

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7. TrainStation – Game On Rails


Game TrainStation – Game On Rails is an interesting and pretty good train simulator with beautiful location and interface design. Maybe the game look too simple for some people. But TrainStation – Game On Rails is one of the most famous and popular train simulators of different eras. In this game under your management and leadership, there are several trains where there are steam tractors and carts

Build your rail business from scratch and do everything possible to keep your company growing. To do this, you need to build new roads, buy the latest locomotives and develop your company comprehensively.

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8. Train Simulator 3D

Train Simulator 3D

Train Simulator 3D is a perfect railway game where you will manage various trains and drive them along the railroads that connect various cities. You will cross the mountain, tunnel, bridge, and others. Try to be a machinist in this game, then manage locomotives, passenger trains and freight trains.

Slowly stop the train at the station to pick up passengers. Select the correct direction and follow the traffic light instructions. Buy a new locomotive and repair it using the money received from each completed work.

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9. Train Conductor World

 Train Conductor World

Unlike previous the android train games, Train Conductor World is an arcade game. Your job is to control the movement of trains, avoid collisions and try to move for as long as possible. You will have several lanes where the train will pass. All routes are numbered as a train, and you need to steer the train from one route to another. If you want to stop navigating, you can stop the movement of the train just by tapping the train.

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10. Indonesian Train Simulator

Indonesia Train Simulator

Want to become a machinist with the sensation of Indonesian railway station also in Indonesia? Indonesian Train Simulator can be the right choice for you. Because the Indonesian Train Simulator game is offering various trains in Indonesia.

In addition, the train game provided even more shows about Indonesia. You will feel familiar with the trains presented by the developers of this Indonesian Train Simulator game developer. Even the features provided were not inferior to the previously mentioned railway game.

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11. Rail Maze: Train puzzler

Rail Maze

Rail Maze: Train Puzzler is a train game where you will understand that the modern railway is the real maze. Trainers need to choose a safe route every time they run the train. The process you complete every option is limited by time, and the fastest and precisely the winner. This game contains more than 100 labyrinths. Each labyrinth is an interesting puzzle. The difficulty in the game is you have to choose the safest route where your train can travel as fast as possible.

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12. Trainyard Express

Trainyard Express is a puzzle-themed train game. Your task is simple and clear; that is to deliver the train to the destination station. Red Train – to the red station, blue train to blue station and so on. You must control the train by drawing the path through the puzzle. There are no deadlines or points – you just need to find the best solution for each puzzle.

The first puzzle can seem pretty easy, but the complexity increases over time, you’ll need more practice. As complexity develops, use color theory to combine trains in different colors, using time and all the brain’s ability to get the best solution.

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13. Fun Kids Train Racing Games

Fun Kids Train

Next train game on this list is Fun Kids Train Racing Games. As the name suggests, you will control the train with great fun. Trains will run along mountain roads and long tunnels. Bring passengers and stuff. The journey gets through the beautiful Alps. You have to be careful when you are emitting so the train does not crash or collide with obstacles.

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14. Oil Tanker Train Transporter

Oil Tanker Train Transporter

Do you want to taste different android train games? So you can try the game Oil Tanker Train Transporter. The difference this game compared to the previous train games is about the role that will play you. Here, you will serve as a machinist from an oil cargo carrier. In addition to that, the thing that distinguishes the next is the track or rails that must be traveled because here you must go through hills, mountains, and slopes.

With the state of the rails that are in such extreme place then you are required to be careful in reading the signal given, so that the train can pass dangerous zone safely.

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15. Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas

Thomas & Friends Go Go Thomas

Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas is a freemium game by developer Budge Studios, also published by the same developer. Budge Studios is very famous as a company that likes to bring interesting toys for children. This game takes the Racing Action & Adventure genre, where you as a player will travel as Thomas in the animated series.

Like this game? Read More: 5+ Best Thomas And Friends Games For Android

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16. Chuggington: Kids Train Game

Chuggington Kids Train Game

Chuggington: Kids Train Game created by Budge Studios Casual that very famous as a toy industry company. This game takes Action & Adventure with its 3+ content rating. The story goes, the player will play the adventure of being one of the characters in the Chuggington animation series. Players will adventure through the game, collecting various train equipment and others. This train game is available for free, although there are ads in it.

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Try one of them, with the best graphic design support you can enjoy various travel routes. The android train games above are also the ones that teach you to manage the railway. You will surely know much about trains. Good luck.

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