Top 10+ Elsa Frozen Games For Android Devices

Elsa Frozen Games For Android Devices – Again, the Google Play Store proves itself to be the king of apps and games. Almost everything in the world has been adopted into the games and apps. What is interesting is the rivalry between Nickelodeon and Disney. If Nickelodeon pulls out two cartoon characters, Spongebob and Dora into the game, then Disney also comes out Elsa Frozen games.

To see which Elsa Frozen games is best in the Play Store, I’ve done a review on Elsa Frozen games available. The result is at least 12 Elsa Frozen games is best to play on android device. Each game presents a different gameplay. There is a Elsa Frozen games that teaches how to dress up, dress, puzzle and so forth.

10+ Elsa Frozen Games on Android

1. Frozen Free Fall

Frozen Free fall

Speaking of the most popular Elsa Frozen games on android, the Frozen Free Fall games is the answer. Game by Disney developers, presents an exciting game that challenges the players to complete a number of cool puzzles. Each puzzle is interconnected and players must be able to match each other in order to win the game. Players will also earn points whenever able to complete a challenge. The minimum number of images that players have to match there are three to be able to gain points and move up to the next stage.

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2. Frozen Ice Elsa Doctor

Frozen Ice Elsa Doctor

Frozen Ice Elsa Doctor is Elsa Frozen games made by OyunPap developer who takes the casual game genre. In the game the player will be challenged to become a doctor, the player must ensure the health of the ice lover. Starting from checking his heartbeat, cleaning his teeth and so forth. games are available for free with the advertising context in them.

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3. Ice Queen Beauty Salon

Ice Queen Beauty Salon

Ice Queen Beauty Salon is a Elsa Frozen games made by developer 5minutes games with casual game genre. In this game the player must dress the princess as beautiful as possible. There are various beauty equipment to use. In addition, players also have to do body spa and manicure on the princess. Games are suitable for children and are available for free in the Play store. but there are ads in it.

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4. Ice Queen’s Beauty Salon SPA

Ice Queen’s Beauty SPA Salon

In the Elsa Frozen Games Ice Queen’s Beauty SPA Salon, the ice princess is in a state of loneliness and requires a playmate. The player’s job is to help the princess find friends and play together. Of course to find friends, you have to prepare the princess to look as beautiful as possible. So before you find a friend, you must dress up the ice as beautiful and attractive as possible. You are free to use the various makeup tools available. You can use eye shadow, lipstick, eye liner, powder and others. When finished on the face, you also have to dress her hair.

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5. Princess Salon: Frozen Party

Princess Salon Frozen Party

Princess Salon Frozen Party is an Elsa Frozen games that challenges players to dress up and dress. So no one if this one game is very popular by children, especially women. The game will present the game in the concept of dressing up and dressing the ice princesses in the Disney cartoon, Frozen. The story of the ice princess will be invited to a party held in a magnificent palace. Of course there was a handsome prince. In order to look beautiful and attractive, the princess asked the help of game players to dress it up.

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6. Frozen Ice Queen Salon

Frozen Ice Queen Salon is also an Elsa Frozen games that brings the game play to dress the ice princess. The story is not much different from the previous two games. Players will have to do beauty treatments for the princess to always look beautiful. Treatment will start from cleaning the face of the princess, up to give a mask and give the right makeup. Then the last player must also choose the right dress in accordance with the concept of makeup and the selected appearance of the player.

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7. Icy Queen Spa Makeup Party

Icy Queen Spa Makeup Party

It looks like most Elsa Frozen games are indeed games with game play dressing games and give the right makeup to the main character. Same also with game made by babygamesapps developer named Icy Queen Spa Makeup Party. The player’s job is to dress the main character who is none other than the icy princess to look as beautiful and attractive as possible. The player freely creates the right makeup for the princess. Available various makeup equipment such as lipstick, blush on, eye shadow, eyeliner and others. Not to forget the various masks for the ice princess face care.

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8. Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot

Well if you are looking for Elsa Frozen games that not only presents game play dressing the princess, you can try this game. Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot. This game will invite players to arrange ice-ice in order to break down the other ice. Simple indeed the task of players in this game. but do not think everything is easy. Because there are more than 100 levels of the game. Each level comes with its own challenges and it gets more and more difficult. In addition to Elsa characters in this game, players will also find the character of the younger brother, Anna, and Olaf the cute snowman ..

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9. Icy Princess Dress Up

Icy Princess Dress Up

The following Elsa Frozen games also challenges players to dress the main character, elsa to look beautiful. the story will be a party at the palace, then you the player must dress elsa with a variety of make up the right and a variety of beautiful dresses. For the make up, you can choose various makeup tools. There is Lipstick, eye shadow, blush on, eyeliner, talc, and more. Indeed, the game is not much different from other games that have the same game play.

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10. Princess Elsa Twins Care

Princess Elsa Twins Care

Princess Elsa Twins Care is an Elsa Frozen games that presents a game quite different from the others. If most games only serve elsa is still as a beautiful princess and requires players to dress it, then in this game is different. The ice princess already has twins. Players are required to take care of the two children. So the player’s duty is the same as caring for a baby. Players have to give food, tell a fairy tale and hold it while the baby is crying.

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11. Puzzle App Frozen

Puzzle App Frozen

Puzzle App Frozen is the last Elsa Forzen games in this article, this game also presents a different game with others. This time there is a game with a puzzle genre, where players have to arrange pieces of the image to make it as a picture intact. There will be 8 puzzles in 3 different levels.

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Indeed Elsa Frozen games seems more suitable to be played by children. But once you are an adult can also try it. Who knows can get rid of tired that you face. Happy playing it.

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