Top 12 Best Iron Man Games For Android Smartphone

Best Iron Man Games For Android Smartphone – There are many superheroes from Marvel Studio that become a game. One of them is Iron Man game. Superhero who has the strength of his armor. This time, we will discuss the best Iron Man games on Android.

12 Best Iron Man Games For Android

1. Iron Avenger – No Limits game

Iron Avenger – No Limits ga

Starting our discussion with the Iron man games, Iron man Avenger – No Limits. The players to act like superheroes in Iron man film. The Superhero will serve to quell crime on earth. In the game made by Bad Wolf, the world is in turmoil that need a Superhero not ordinary fighters only. Come on is Iron Avenger, a fighter who wears an armor. So fight Iron as a superhero dive world.

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2. MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight

Never will we leave this one game when we discuss the game that tells about superhero made Marvel Studio. MARVEL Future Fight is a game with RPG  genre made by Netmarble developer. In the game, players can act to be one of the Superhero in the marvels including Iron Man. This game has a level of popularity in the Play Store is incredible. There are at least 100 more characters. Existing free games in this app have a content rating of 12+.

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3. Iron Bat 2 The Dark Night

Iron Bat 2 The Dark Night

Iron Bat 2 The Dark Night is the next Iron man games that has a genre of action games. Players will not only be challenged to become Iron Man superheroes, but more than that, players will play a combined character between Iron man and Bat man. Just imagine, what if bat man and iron man combined, that’s Iron Bat 2 game The Dark Night. In the game players will be challenged to do battle with the musical Iron man and others.

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4. Hero City: Iron Legend

Hero City Iron Legend

Hero City Iron Legend is a game with genres of action and adventure games. The story will start from the calamity that gave birth to a hero. Yes, there is a secret laboratory that explodes because of prohibited research. But luckily, from the terrible event, born superhero with extraordinary power. Who else if not Iron Man. Lucky too, because the character was born as a protagonist, not an antagonist. He will help the affected people. Then also will do battle with his criminal enemies in the city. With gorgeous graphic treats, interesting storyline, the perfect game to have on your android phone.

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5. Flying Robot Grand City Rescue

Flying Robot Grand City Rescue

The next Iron Man games is the Flying Robot Grand City Rescue. In the game has a story that is still the same as the movie Iron man. Iron Man will act as a superhero that saves citizens from threats of enemies who want to wear them. The greatness of this game primarily lies in the animated graphics that are served. Moreover there are also some interesting features embedded in the game. Players can freely choose the desired weapon. In addition, skill can also be selected. Well, this great game is also available for free with in-app purchases.

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6. Iron Battle Fighting Man

Iron Battle Fighting Man

Iron Battle Fighting Man is the next Iron man games that challenges players into a smart Tony Stark and has great ability to make J.A.R.V.I.S. for the storyline itself, almost the same as other games above and the same as with the film. The game developed by Kenai Bright Workshops developer will challenge players to fight their enemies that create unrest on earth with the help of J.A.R.V.I.S. With a unique story plot, nice graphical display. Game, perfect to play.

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7. The Great Man Of Iron

The Great Man Of Iron

The next Iron Man Games, The Great Man Of Iron is not a game that is so popular in the Play Store. but very worthy to be included in the list of best Iron man games. game made by Pixciar Inc. developers, take the genre of casual games where players will be challenged to combine the right image. Players will choose a variety of images available to be paired with the right picture, there is Iron Man, Iron Armor, Iron Avenger and so forth. The game is made in stages, from the easiest to the most difficult. There are 3 levels with many levels. Games are available for free with ads inside.

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8. Iron Avenger Origins

 Iron Avenger Origins

Iron Avenger Origins is an iron man games made by Bad Wolf Games developers, just like the first game in this list. and still loyal to the Iron Man look as it is in the Iron Man game called Iron Avenger Origins, this game brings the fight game between Iron man with his enemies. The main character of his enemy is the robots. Of course like the first game, this game has an interesting storyline, graphics are slick and easy game control. Very worthy to be played. Moreover, the game is also available for free.

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9. Rise of the Iron Bat

Rise of the Iron Bat

Rise of the Iron Bat is an Iron Man games with game running and arcade genres. The player will become an Iron Man character who keeps running and running, with occasional flying and jumping. Iron Man keeps running to collect coins scattered along the way. The longer you run, the more coins you collect. This game has many interesting features, one of which is animation made with 3D graphics, and also provided a button into the screen for the sake of facilitating the player.

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10. Iron Armor Avenger

Iron Armor Avenger

Iron Armor Avenger is also an iron man games that challenges players to fight with their enemies in the middle of the city. Equipped with various weapons, free games are so fun to play. Moreover, there are many weapons that can be played. Animated graphics are also quite detailed. Oh yes, the battle arena in this game is a ruined city.

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11. Mod Iron Hero

Mod Iron Hero

Mod Iron Hero is the next Iron Man game you deserve to try, even though it does not present graphics as powerful as other games on this list. But, this game has a very easy game control. The Iron man games also has a very pleasant fight. Not to forget also AI smart named J.A.R.V.I.S also exist.

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12. The Amazing Iron Spider

The Amazing Iron Spider

If previously there was an Iron man game that combines Iron Man characters with Bat Man, then the last game on this list combines the Iron Man character with Spiderman. So the character you will play is a combination of both. You will be doing great adventures, please download only BrainFreeze made games with this arcade genre.

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It’s okay to idolize one of Marvels’s heroes, including Iron man games, but it will be more beautiful if we be hero to our self. Either a hero for yourself or someone else. Have a nice play…

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