Top 10+ Rapunzel Games For Android Devices

Best Rapunzel Games For Android Devices – There are many game developers who take animated characters in their games. Now, there is a game with a beautiful and beautiful princess theme named Rapunzel after we also discussed about  Elsa Frozen games. You are certainly very familiar with this one character, she is a beautiful princess who has long hair until the hair can be used by the prince to climb the palace.

Just like Frozen elsa game, Rapunzel games is also a perfect game for children, especially girls. But you are adult, can play it, too. If you want.  With all the russian-style trinkets, the Rapunzel game features the feminine side through its interface and graphical animation. Then the best Rapunzel games on android?

12 Rapunzel Games on Android

1. Long Hair Princess Hair Salon

Long Hair Princess Hair Salon

The first Rapunzel games is Long Hair Princess Hair Salon. This game provides interesting tasks to dressing in a neat story. The story is similar to what is in the animated film. The long-haired princess lives in a castle, she must meet with the prince right away to save her life and hair. Yes, his hair has been targeted by a wicked wizard who wants the strength of the hair. To bring the princess to meet with the prince, the player must dress it first. This is where the challenge for each player, must dress as beautiful as possible as quickly as possible.

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2. Rapunzel cupcake maker

Rapunzel Capcake maker

Not too familiar actually Rapunzel games this one. But I put it in second place not without reason. Because if most games Rapunzel and Elsa Frozen always take game play about how to dress the main character, this game is different. Rapunzel cupcake maker tells about how to be a reliable cupcake maker. The story, the long-haired princess will receive orders to make a cupcake from consumers, players should be able to help the princess in making and preparing all the equipment and materials needed.

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3. Long Hair Princess Wedding

Long Hair Princess Wedding

Long Hair Princess Wedding, from the name alone, this Rapunzel games predictable how the story. Yes, there are no romantic stories and adventures for the love of princesses and princes in this game. There is only a romantic wedding story. More precisely before the wedding where the princess wants to look as beautiful as possible for the prince. After a long time together, the princess finally decided to marry the prince. And the player’s job is to make the princess look as beautiful as possible.

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4. Newborn Bath – Princess Nurse

Newborn Bath – Princess Nurse

Newborn Bath – Princess Nurse has a story that is not much different from the game Elsa Frozen, Princess Elsa Twins Care. In this game, Rapunzel’s daughter is no longer alone, she has married the prince. In fact he already has two cute twins and cute. Players will not be given the task of dressing Frozen’s daughter as beautifully as possible to meet the prince. But players will be challenged to take care of the baby’s baby. Please choose one of Rapunzel’s twin babies. Later you should keep it as good as possible. Care, watch and play is the main task of the player. In addition, players must also bathe and also feed it.

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5. Princess Birth

Princess Birth

Princess Birth is also a Rapunzel games that has an interesting storyline. Not just about how to dress up, but about how to help the daughter give birth. In the game, it is told that the daughter of rapunzel has been nine months pregnant. Of course the princess is ready to give birth. Players must prepare everything the princess needs before giving birth. Prepare all appliances in one bag. After that, the player will go to the hospital with Frozen’s daughter ready to give birth. At the hospital, players should help the delivery process.

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6. Princess Salon 2 – Girl Games

Princess Salon 2 - Girl Games

If you are looking for a popular rapunzel games in the Play store, Princess Salon 2 – Girl Games is probably one of the best answers. Well for the game made Bear Hug Media Inc. premises this casual game, have a story not far away from makeup. Yes, the frozen princess wants to look attractive and beautiful for the sake of meeting the prince, then the player has the main task to prepare everything. Players must dress the princess with various makeup available. You may apply comb, hair dyes, curling iron, and others. Just make as pretty as possible, so simple your task.

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7. Princess Puzzles Girls Games

Princess Puzzles Girls Games

Princess Puzzles Girls Games is not a game that will entice you to dress the princess rapunzel as beautiful as possible for the sake of meeting the prince. This time the player will be challenged to complete various kinds of digital puzzles and feed them into a whole picture. Because the design for kids games will not be too difficult to complete. What’s more, the game is also supported with an interesting graphical display. The task of players only need to unite pieces of scattered images. There are several levels in the game, where each level shows also the difficulty level of the game. In the beginning may be very easy, but the longer it will be more difficult. That’s generally a puzzle game.

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8. Hair Salon – Princess Makeup

Hair Salon – Princess Makeup

Hair Salon – Princess Makeup is also a rapunzel games that challenges players to dress the princess as beautiful as possible ala salon. The story is almost similar to the game Long Hair Princess Wedding, where rapunzel want to look as beautiful as possible because it will hold a wedding in the near future. Players will be asked to dress and choose the right dress for the princess. Well the most interesting in this game is choose a diverse dress. In addition there is nothing else, except the games are available for free.

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9. Pregnant mother

Pregnant mother

Pregnant mother is a Rapunzel games where Rapunzel is in her big pregnancy and preparing for childbirth. The player will not act as a doctor, but the player will act as rapunzel’s companion. Players should decorate the nursery to be born rapunzel. Rapunzel has set up a special room with various accessories, but rapunzel is confused how to handle it. So help rapunzel solve it.

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10. Adventures Princess Rapunzel

Adventures Princess Rapunzel

Adventures Princess Rapunzel is much different from previous rapunzel games. Players will not play rapunzel especially caring the baby. Players will bring rapunzel adventure to various interesting areas. There will be 4 interesting areas ready to be explored with 80 more exciting levels. Throughout the adventure, there will be a variety of challenges that must be solved, including facing the scorpion.

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11. Rapunzel games for kids game

Rapunzel games for kids game

Rapunzel games for kids Game is probably one of the best rapunzel games if you want to use as a learning tool for children. Because in the game there are 6 choices of types of games, children can learn to hone and train their memories, arrange pictures scattered and so forth. so, if the purpose of choosing a game is to learn while playing, this is the right game.

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12. Rapunzel: Fairytale Baby

Rapunzel Fairytale Baby

In the latest Rapunzel games there is Rapunzel Fairytale Baby, which has a bit more complex story than some games above. The game begins when the rapunzel princess has a big pregnancy, then the player will prepare everything for her birth. Not until there, players also have to take care of babies who have been born.

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If that’s what you’re looking for is a game that can educate children and be liked, especially girls, one of the rapunzel games above is the best choice.

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