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10 Games With Sex Scene, You Should Never Play in Front Your Parents

Games With Sex Scene, You Should Never Play in Front Your Parents – Video games are supposed to give a fun sensation for gamers. Starting from a tense feeling like Android racing games, gripping, entertaining, until very sad can be presented by the game.

But did you know that not all games can be played by all ages? Especially games that are below, its contains sex scenes. Here are 10 games with sex scenes that should not be played by children

10 Games with a Sex Scene

1. Alpha Protocol

The first game we will discuss is the Alpha Protocol. This game has a stunning graphics, but judged by the players as one game that failed because it is too flat in the plot.

But what makes it interesting is this game contains sex scenes that are vulgar enough when showing the relationship between an agency called SIE with Thornton. Very dangerous if played by children who are still innocent.

2. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Next is a game you may have heard, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and has a unique look with a touch of 80’s thick. This game is a spin-off version of the main game is Far Cry 3 and has a unique sex scene.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon features sex scenes in an interesting retro silhouette. Apart from its fun gameplay, but of course the situation of sex scenes in it is not to be played by children.

3. The Witcher 2

Games with medieval era background also did not escape from the sex scene. The Witcher 2 is one of them. The game of interest by many people also features a pretty tempting cutscene, for example is when Geralt made a connection with Triss in the pool. In addition to being very open, the scene is also very tempting.

4. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is also well known for its success in presenting stunning graphics. This game also has a tempting scene when Miranda Lawson is seducing Sheppard and leads to a hotter scene.

Unfortunately, this game also get a lot of criticism because it does not have a strong gameplay and easy to forget.

5. Dragon Age

Dragon Age game is very phenomenal, also did not escape from the sex scene. The game that was worked on by Bioware was almost entirely embedded hot scene in it. One of them is the Dragon Age.

You can see unique events when Morrigan characters can be seduced and lead to sex scenes.

6. Metro Last Light

In the sixth place there is a thrilling game called Metro Last Light. The game is dominated by dark atmosphere in the dark is also not to be outdone in presenting the sexual sensation in it.

game with sex scene

Artyom figures in this game have sex with one of the survivor ** Anna *. The scene is trying to show that in the chaotic world, there is still hope to display erotic behavior.

7. Fahrenheit

Next is the Fahrenheit game. This game has obviously been providing sexual scenes, but was removed for the Xbox and PS2 platforms.

However, the players on the PC are still given the scene in full form. Fahrenheit presents a pretty tense gameplay on murder cases along with paranormal spices and challenging acts.

8. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order also made it into our list this time. This action-packed FPS game has a fine graph with a variety of fights that also support the story well.

Wolfenstein pinned the scene when the main character of Blazkowicz was interested in a woman and led to a cutscene that you can imagine.

9. Far Cry 3

After we have discussed about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, apparently in the main game also has a hot scene. The Far Cry series contains elements of violence and humor in it, no wonder if he could have inserted a bold scene into the existing cutscene.

If you want to hear the mantras in Indonesian in a game, then this game is interesting for you to see.

10. GTA: San Andreas

Finally, there are games that you can certainly guess before. Especially if not GTA: San Andreas. Game featuring all the things about the deviation of this society also did not escape from the sex scene in it.

game with sex scene

The story is also becoming increasingly controversial when the Rockstar party as the game developers do not admit that they put a hot scene into their game. While it is clear that there are players who managed to find a way to have sex in the game.


That’s 10 games with sex scenes that should not be played by children because it contains sex scenes. Are there any other games I did not mention?