Top 10 One Piece Games For Android

Top 10 One Piece Game For Android – I’m sure you know about this anime. One Piece is a fiction created by Eiichiro Oda who tells of the adventures of a pirate, Monkey D. Luffy. The comic was released in 1997 in Japan and has been translated in many languages.

Up to now, the storyline of One Piece is still unfinished. But we can continue in the best One Piece game for android.

10 Best One Piece Games

I have some of the best one piece games for android. You can choose the one you like. Well, in this article, all pictures and videos are taken from the Google Play Store. Check in out …

1. One Piece Treasure Cruise

One Piece game Treasure Cruise

I really like the One Piece Treasure Cruise game. One piece video game is an exciting adventure game to play on android. The main reason I love this game is because the game made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. is a Role Playing Game.

In this One Piece adventure game, you will experience a strategy-filled battle against the evil pirates. The mission you must accomplish is to collect pirate members as they are in their comics. You will form a team of pirates with their special abilities and defeat the enemies.

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2. Luffy Fighting: Pirate Warrior

next piece game, I recommend Luffy Fighting: Pirate Warrior. Game brings the concept of one piece action game is very exciting. You can choose one of the One Piece anime characters and do battle against the other pirates.

Luffy Fighting: Pirate Warrior adopts the same character with the original anime character. And of course, the main character, Luffy is also available in-game.

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3. Luffy Eastblue Pirate

The next best One Piece game is Luffy Eastblue Pirate. In the game, you will portray the character of Luffy who has a mission to guard the world and become The King of Pirate. As the name implies, this game is set in a village called Eastblue Pirate which is the hometown of the Straw Hat (Luffy’s nickname)

With a very fun look, even though the graphics are only made with 2D animation, as well as the support of beautiful background and proper sound. Games that have easy game control is so interesting to play.

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4. One Piece Thousand Storm

Maybe you’ve played a game 2 player, but this game is different. In the One Piece Thousand Storm game you can play with 3 players at once. This one piece RPG has the same storyline as the anime.

One Piece anime character we can choose. Its developer Bandai Namco makes the controls simpler where there are only a few control buttons in the game. If you are interested, download the one piece game.

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5. Gold of Luffy

Still with the One Piece game for android. Game called Gold of Luffy is the best one piece game with light gameplay and interesting storyline.

The mission you must take in this game is to get a high score with a limited time. The trick, you should find the treasure as much as possible using magnets. In addition you also must control the ships to avoid sinking.

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6. Luffy Supernova Pirate

The next one piece game is Luffy Supernova Pirate. This game made by NextGen is one of the best games for you to play. In the game, you are required to control 3 characters One Piece at a time, Monkey D Luffy, Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid to attack and defend themselves from evil pirates.

After you select one of the characters, you will do the adventure. There will be many battles that you must face. The enemies will also try to attack and defeat you.

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7. PicoPiece Puzzle Game

Unlike the previous One Piece theme game concept adventure. This time the one piece puzzle game you use to sharpen the brain. There are various images with one-piece characters like Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Osop and so forth.

Luffy will do an adventure with their best friends. Each character has different strengths and keep every power can be used to protect each other. With a fun graphic support, easy game controls, play this game.

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8. Zoro Pirate Shooting Free

This one piece game features Zoro as the main character. Game called Zoro Pirate Shooting Free will make you tense as well as addicted. You will meet great enemies who will attack you. Well, your job is to defend yourself from the enemy’s attack as Zoro.

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9. Strawhat Pirates: Romance Dawn

With a storyline that is not much different from the original anime, Strawhat Pirate: Romance Dawn which is the latest one piece game that hadri with fun game concept. In this one piece adventure game there are 100 challenges and 100 equipment. in addition, you will be given the freedom of choosing the one piece character you like.

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10. Pirate Warrior

Lastly, I chose a one piece game called Pirate warrior. One Piece adventure game has a simple gameplay that is easy and fun to play. There are several characters in this game, from Strawhat Hat Pirate, Supernova, to Yonko.

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Well, how do you think about the One Piece game above? If you have a better One Piece for Android game, share it with me. Yep, I also have reviews of best naruto games for andoid.

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