9 RPG Games That Will Make You Feel Pain

RPG genre games that have existed from the era of the Nintendo console, PS 1, until now to New Generation consoles, finally penetrated into the cellphone market, it seems like it can’t be denied anymore.

There have been thousands of RPG game titles present on the IOS and Android platforms ranging from legendary Inotia and Zenonia games to the present era of modern RPG games with the Gacha system like Final Fantasy Opera Omina.

With the number of titles. Of course, you will confuse to choose which game is worth playing but calm down, because this time Gameslistly will give you 9 recommended RPG games that can you play in IOS or Android.

1. Phantom of The Kill


When playing the Fuji & Gumi game, this game will remind you of the legendary RPG game, Final Fantasy Tactics. In gameplay require you to create a party to deal with monsters in a wide arena. You have to move your character according to the fields of the existing boxes. In terms of the story of this game will tell about humanity who is on the verge of extinction. Your job is to save humanity with the help of a group of special powers. Interestingly, this game will feature an attractive cutscene-cut anime style in the middle of the story.

2. Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

RPG Games Kingdom Hearts Unchained X

Square Enix’s game is identical to Keyblade, and cross-over characters from the Disney world and Square Enix’s games. This game will take story settings before the Keybalde War event begins. You will act as a Keyblade user who aims to collect light, which in this game, its name is Lux, like other Kingdom Hearts franchises, your enemies are Heartless monsters. This game will also present famous places in the world of Disney such as Olympus Colloseum, Dwarf Woodland, and Agrabah. In terms of the battle system, this game will use turn based, and you can form a party of six people.

3. Unknown Heroes

unknown heroes rpg games

This game from Nexon will have a fantasy adventure story where you have to gather your party to save the world. The story of the game tells the world on the verge of collapse. This game will use a turn-based system, which will use a 3D display with beautiful graphics. This game will use the Gacha system like modern games, so you need a little luck to get the characters and items.

4. Dragon Spear


This game is an RPG game that mix with Beat’em Up Interesting elements despite having a 2D side-scrolling display. This game fully displays colorful and interesting art because it is directly drawn by hand. Interestingly this game will present six different characters, and will have different storylines. Each character will represent a different class consisting of Gunner, Assassin, Knight, Fighter, to Sorceress.

5. Adventure Bar Story

Adventure Bar Story rpg games

Adventure Bar Story is a unique game because this game is a combination of RPG and restaurant management. Your main task is to rebuild a place to eat that has begun to lose visitors, by finding new recipes and looking for ingredients. In this game there are two ways to create food recipes, first is to buy them in a shop or by exploring areas by killing monsters to get drop items.

6. Chaos Origins III

chaos origins III rpg games

The Chaos Rings III tells the journey of a young man named Nasca continuing the dream of his late father who was not achieved being an explorer between galaxies. This game will have a charming 3D display and will use a turn based battle system. Like other RPG games this game will bring up the main elements in RPG games, such as the exploration of a vast world, grinding by defeating various types of monsters. This game has a price above $ 20 in the PlayStore and App Store, but with the potential, it has, with the look, story, and interesting gameplay the game developed by Square Enix is a must for you to try.

7. Sword Art Online : Memory Defrag

sword art online memory defrag rpg games

Sword Art Online Memory Defrag itself is a game adapted from the SAO anime series. So in terms of stories, you will find some iconic scenes in the anime series. In battle system, this game will run in real-time, so you can freely move your character, issue skills, to defeat your enemies. During the battle itself, you can bring your party of 3 people. Like other mobile RPG games, this game will use the Gacha system to unlock characters and weapons in the game. Interestingly, this game has an updated event, so that through the event the developer usually distributes rare characters or weapons for free.

8. Tales of The Rays

tales of the rays rpg games

For you, big fans of the Tales series it seems you need to try this one game. In this game you will find famous characters like Cress Albane, Velvet Crowe, Ix and Mileena. This game developed by Bandai will have a graphic that is arguably luxurious and will have a full vocie for each character in the story. Like other Tales games this game will present various interesting cutscenes during the game. You can get your own character according to your game progress, but for weapons and items, you have to do “gacha” to get it.

9. Granblue Fantasy

granblue fantasy rpg games

This game developed by Cygames arguably will offer gameplay, beautiful graphic display and will have interesting stories to follow. This game was created on by two people behind the game Final Fantasy and Lost Odessy. Just like RPG games in general, we will adventure by completing quests, be it Story Quest, or Free Quest. There is also a special quest to get certain items and the boss raid feature that makes this game even more fun to play. In a battle system, this game will use a turn based system. Interestingly, you don’t want to release skills in this game, skills can be used freely, but the skill will use a cooldown system and can be used after several turns.

The above games list have advantages in terms of story, graphic appearance, gameplay, English as the main language, and the uniqueness that other games do not have. Are you interested in trying out one of the game titles above? You can download it through Playstore or AppStore.

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